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A peek inside each of these Works

Books by Chyna Honey always insightful, thoughtful crafted and enriching which leads to some pretty remarkable books.

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Using Reiki: Practical Essays that Bring Reiki into Daily Practice

November 16, 2020

Check out the latest work by Chyna Honey. Written specifically for students already attuned to Reiki, this book is designed to support students deepen their growing understanding of Reiki and transform it into daily practice. It is a fun, insightful and enriching read.


eBooks available everywhere you buy eBooks.
Paperbacks too but why not buy those here where you can have it personally signed by the author.


Tiffany Hunter, PhD. & Owner, Healing for People

These books have helped my Reiki program thrive and my students confidently incorporate Reiki into their daily lives.


Karen Janes, PhD. & Owner

Natural Healing Energy

These books have transformed the way I teach Reiki and, more importantly the success of my students in understanding and using it.


Claudia Piechotzki, Owner

Energie de Vie

Chyna’s books are a breakthrough in understanding Reiki and its role for human wellbeing. A must-read of interest to all human beings.

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