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Choosing Your Next Book

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Welcome to your next book on Reiki. Maybe it’s your first, second, or perhaps it’s another you have sought on your quest to gain a better understanding of Reiki and/or on natural healing. Whichever it is, welcome and thank you. A deep and ever-growing respect and reverence for Reiki is at the heart of these books. That and a desire to help make it more accessible to eager students and curious seeker whose desire to understand more about themselves and the world gently calls out, beckoning them the seek answers not readily available or immediately perceivable.

If you’ve come to this blog post wondering which of the two books is the better for you at the moment, I’m here with help to get you to a decision.

Understanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine is the new edition of the first book I wrote on the subject. The new edition is completely new, from cover art to content, meaning I’ve completely rewritten it. I wrote it for both Reiki students and curious seekers alike. You need not have a Reiki attunement to get tons out of this book. This edition still follows the original format but is also all new. In it the reader will find new, clearer and expanded information that supports the original text and goes gently beyond it. To be clear, while it differs from the original, it is still very much in agreement with it. If you have read the original, I encourage you to read this one too because I think you will both enjoy it and find many things new in it. If you haven’t read the original, that’s not a problem and I encourage you to read this book also because I think you will enjoy and get many things from it. And please note, I do not think you need to read the original to do so. In fact, if you haven’t read the original, I say there is no need, this edition takes its place.

Using Reiki: Practical Essays that Bring Reiki into Daily Practice is my new book. I wrote it for Reiki students who have enjoyed Reiki courses, received an attunement and are looking for additional support and encouragement, not only in expanding their understanding Reiki, but in transforming that understanding into daily practice. Students of Reiki will know that love alone is not enough to establish daily practice. Support and encouragement, as with any new habit, are what helps it really take hold. And this book is just that, it's encouragement and support. It is also more than that as it provides information that not only helps students better understand Reiki but better understand how Reiki differs from other natural healing practices. This gives readers a better personal understanding and clearer language with which to answer questions from friends and family who may be or are becoming curious seekers.

Both books are sure to answer reader’s questions and provide a few “a-ha” moments. Both offer an engaging, easy read that is firmly grounded in a deep knowledge of the subject and lightened with a gentle, relatable, and encouraging humor.

Thank you for considering either or both to add to your collection. May you enjoy them and please consider forwarding questions that arise to your Reiki teacher or to me through my contact page.

Thank you, Chyna

P.S. Paperback books are available for sale on this site and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and a host of other retailers. Ebooks are available on Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, and

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