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What 2020 Taught Me

I imagine there will be no shortage of posts like this, so I promise, this one will be brief. I don't think any of us needs to state the obvious about this year, not even for posterity's sake. So, I write this to be light in reading but deep in meaning. Here it goes - 2020 taught me two extraordinary and life-changing lessons.

  1. Never hesitate to say a kind word, make a gesture of support or offer encouragement.

  2. Celebrate everything, especially the often overlooked, small wins!

I believe each of those points speak for themselves, which is why I don't go into greater detail on either. Instead, I choose to close with this gentle reminder. You never really know what another person is going through. Sure, you can imagine you know and you can certainly project, but often what people need most, in good times and in bad, is kindness. In most instances, the need for kindness outweighs even the need for understanding. And that's because a kind gesture received leaves a person feeling seen, and feeling seen through a lens of kindness provides a person with a sense of personal value. Being valued and feeling valued, even by a stranger, can remind us that we matter, and when we feel like we matter, we tend to seek out and make better, healthier choices for ourselves and for others.

I wish everyone a safe, joyful, relaxing holiday season that concludes with a peaceful and auspicious new year.

See, I told you I'd be brief. Thank you for reading.

Chyna Honey is the author of two books on the subject of Reiki and Energy Medicine. Understanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine and Using Reiki: Practical Essays that Bring Reiki into Daily Practice. Both are available everywhere you buy books.

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